Snow Removal


Winter weather can become tiresome, especially because of ice and snow, which can readily slow business traffic, make required trips difficult, and diminish access . Aspects such as sidewalk foot traffic, parking, and maneuvering in snowy and icy conditions become daunting to clientele if a business property is not adequately cleared. Losing business due to snow and ice is unacceptable.

Prevent snow from affecting your property safety and stopping your clients from accessing your business. Horizon Lawns has offered snow removal services for Dover area businesses for more than a decade. Our team has consistently and efficiently removed snow and ice from sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots.

Why Should You Hire Us for Snow Removal?

Horizon offers our varied services “24/7” throughout the entire year. When a snow event occurs, we will promptly answer and respond to your call and arrive at your business to assess and address the weather-related problem.

  • Our team works rapidly so you do not need to delay opening any longer than absolutely necessary.
  • Using our team instead of your own employees is highly efficient. We train our teams on how to safely remove snow, keeping your employees safe and focused on the job of helping your customers.
  • Our snow plowing trucks are on call 24-hours a day, even during holidays, so no worry exists about removing snow yourself – or having it impede and interrupt your business longer than necessary.
  • One phone call to our team addresses the situation! We send our trucks and friendly teams to remove the snow and to support you in opening your business again as quickly as possible.
  • We arrive on time and adhere to the schedule; likewise, we call or email notification that we are on our way. If any delay occurs, we will ensure you are alerted in time, as we tailor our schedule to yours.
  • We carry insurance policies and workers’ compensation. Instead of worrying about your employees becoming injured while shoveling snow or de-icing the sidewalk, allow Horizon to support you with safety and confidence.
  • We use only proper equipment, tools, materials and vehicles, so clients need never worry about heavy machinery damaging concrete, asphalt or brick surfaces.